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Welcome to Midway Plating Bumper & Fender Ltd.

Midway Plating Bumper & Fender Ltd. was founded in 1964. It is owned and operated by two partners, who have worked for Midway Plating since 1981. Midway employs nine people, including the partners. We all work hands-on in the shop, and all of the work is done in-house at our own facility.

Plating Process

Plating is the process of putting a thin layer of metal (semi-bright nickel, bright nickel, and chrome) over an existing metal surface. This is done with chemicals and electricity. Copper plating is applied as needed.

The thickness of the plating will be greater in “high current” areas such as points, edges, and raised areas where the current will concentrate.

The plating will be thinner in “low current” areas such as recesses, right angles, around holes, and the back side of parts.

The part being plated will be cleaned of all buffing compounds, oils, etc. in a hot Electro cleaner. It will then be rinsed in water and receive an acid dip and more rinsing prior to proceeding to the copper, nickel and chrome tanks. There will be several more water rinses between each plating process.

Polishing of Metal

Polishing is the term used to describe the process of removing metal from a surface. This is done with abrasive discs, belts, wheels and buffs.

In the polishing process, the goal is to remove as many surface imperfections, such as pits and scratches, as possible. We do this because the plating is a reflection of the polished surface.